Ludacris Foundation: Back 2 School Campaign

The Ludacris Foundation would like your help.

Sponsor a child and help them go back to school. Just $25 will provide a complete set of school supplies for an underprivileged child.

Check out their website for more information & to donate.


  1. I love your post! I will make sure I link back to this from my site. It is so important that we let people know of the wonderful things that many of these rappers are doing.

    This takes away from so many stereotypes.

  2. I agree with irigal. I'll make sure to support the children, especially the ones who need it most because me loves them to death. Reminds me, I need to post another Read for the Record post, LL is our spokesperson. Woo!

  3. Irigal you are so right. I barely hear anything about the good things but when I do I will definitely post them.

    Lena, you should definitely post another Read for the Record so I can link back to you.


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