Kings Of The South Unite

If you're a hip hop fan, then you probably have knowledge of the Ludacris vs T.I. beef on wax. Both talented rappers have been battling over the title King of The South for quite some time now.

It was even touched upon during the third installment of a documentary called Beef.

Seems like the two are following in the footsteps of rap giants Nas and Jay-Z and putting their differences behind them in order to paper chase.

Luda commented:
“There’s a time and place for everything, and now is the time. This [upcoming] album, Theater of the Mind, is an event, and all the songs on it are events.

"I felt like there was no bigger event in hip-hop at this moment than me and T.I. working together.”

Here's a little bit of the back & forth these guys are known for...
**NOTE:** Lyrics are NOT safe for work.