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$400K On Liquor Seems Excessive

Kelly Rowland
Ya think?

That was the total for a 10-hour drinking binge that included 50 magnums of vintage Dom Perignon champagne, costing $6,000 each, 24 bottles of tequila at $930 each and 10 bottles of $4,000 cognac.

I'm thinking I couldn't hang in Hollywood. I'd be dead in less than a week with all the alcohol (not to mention pharmaceuticals) they consume.

Kelly Rowland paid a tab for just under $400,000 ain St. Tropez, France for her guests. While the bar bill skyrocketed, Kelly refused to close the tab and was, of course a gracious hostess.


  1. Kind of sad, people can't afford their homes and food but celebs can afford to spend that much on alcohol.

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. Although it's not the celeb's fault that people are doing badly, I don't know if I could justify paying a bar tab that cost more than some people's homes. Matter of fact, in some places you can purchase a couple homes for $400 g's.

  3. It frustrates me to know that some people waste good money on useless ways to hydrate aka get pissy drunk!

    I never really thought Kelly Rowland to be this type of star, but I guess she is gettin' paid now and hosting $400K liquor parties is what she is supposed to do at this point in her career. SMH!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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