Why Fredro... Why?

I don't know what to make of this. I nearly had a seizure when he said 'n*gga' about 400 times...

But why is he talking about getting h--d from Brandy like 15 years later?? Shouldn't this have made news when Moesha was actually on the air and not in syndication.

**Warning**: NSFW... may be viewed as offensive... oh what the heck, view at your own risk...

I'm pissed at this video tho.. back in the day that was my n*gga (pun intended) lol.


  1. Sounds like insecurities from a faded limelight....

  2. Sure does. Or someone is smoking that 'ooh wee!'

  3. Whatchu mean PUN INTENDED? Is that you in the pic? Did you tap that like Savion Glover?!

  4. LOL Pun intended meaning he said n*gga so many times that I had to throw in one. And to answer your questions, yes and NO!


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