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Why Doesn't Fox Cover This Side of Obama?

Obama prays with his team[*Note*: This awesome & powerful photo was taken by fellow blogger DCFab's sister Vashti-Jasmine McKenzie. Kudos to her for capturing such a fantastic and moving moment in time!]

This is the type of story* I'd like to be covered on Fox in addition to all the drama they report surrounding the Obama campaign.

Right now everyone and their mother is screaming on Ludacris in regards to his lyrics regarding the campaign and especially the part about Hillary Clinton.

But, I'd much rather hear what the content of the prayer above was about...


Because Luda is an entertainer. He's here to be entertaining. Period.

Just like we were told we should get over the ignorant comparison of Obama to a monkey, and we should get over the fact this assassination exhibition was erected, and we should get over the drama surrounding the New Yorker cover.

Well, then people should get over Luda's lyrics then right? Let's not get all riled up over rap music right?

It's whatever man.

I'm tired of all the distractions and such surrounding this campaign. Either he'll get in or he won't.

I'm ready to focus on what he plans to do if he does get to the White House.

OK, I do sort of wonder if he'll take the rap music off his music rotation now.

But that's as far as it goes.


  1. sHaE-sHaE, I just have one question...

    Did you take some blood pressure medicine BEFORE or AFTER the Assassination Exhibition post?

    I just read it and could still feel the heat. Great work!

  2. LOL I just let it all seep out of my finger tips. Blogging is great therapy.

  3. My sister took this pic. Go to for more details...

    Obama came to speak at the African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference in St. Louis last month and this was backstage in the green room.

    Those are all of the Bishops, worldwide, who prayed over Obama for covering, victory and you know the rest.

    Some notable Bishops to note who are laying hands on him are Bishop John R. Bryant, senior Bishop of the AME Church, Vashti M. McKenzie, the first female Bishop of the AME Church, Bishop Vinton R. Anderson, Bishop Cousins, Bishop Sam Green...

  4. She did! Thank you for the tip! Let me go check out the site and give your sister her props.

    Tell her I said FABULOUS SHOT!!!


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