What's Up With Ne-Yo's CD??

Year Of The Gentleman
What the heck is going on?

I've been waiting weeks for Ne-Yo's CD Year of The Gentleman to come out and it's been pushed back again!

Originally it was pushed back due to the leaks all over the internet, and the last I'd heard it was set to be released for August 12th.

Now Amazon.com has it set for September 16th!!


All I know is they'd better get it together because his fans are waiting... and no longer patiently either!


  1. Ain't no telling why this was pushed back...really - ain't no damn telling.

  2. I know it's common for an artist's CD to get pushed back, but I know his has already been pushed back quite a few times. It's annoying 'cause I want my Ne-Yo CD. LOL


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