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Time Share Vacations: Bonus? Or Bogus?

Have you ever been hit up by these Time Share companies that offer unbelievably cheap vacation packages if you just sit through an hour of their presentation?

I have. I went to Florida & the Bahamas that way.

What's funny is, I would never do it again because while the experience was pretty good the first time around, I can't even imagine the type of foolishness and scamming that would go on at this day and age.

I received this fax yesterday* (the only things altered is the removal of my fax number) and what stuck out wasn't the $99 advertisement. And it wasn't the 11 day vacation to FL and the Bahamas.

It wasn't even the fact that it claims you can take 2 kids free if 2 adults pay their portions.

What stuck out to me was the information I circled at the bottom.

vacation scams


Would you trust this mess?

[Note: Did you notice the date on the fax vs. yesterday's date??? That's probably the original fax I used when I went on my timeshare vacation!]


  1. How can you not notice your flyer is twelve years old? That is fishy.


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