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Thankful Thursday: What If?

what if
Every day I see people making decisions that have high consequences and cause detrimental damage to their lives.

I tend to stop and think, "What if?" that were me? What would I do?"

There are times when I feel that I am too preoccupied with the "What ifs?" in the world, but I firmly believe that it is those very same "What ifs?" that keep me grounded.

  • I weren't afraid to go to jail? What would I get into without worry about consequences?
  • I did not know God? What types of evil would I let control me?
  • I did not have a solid background and loving family? Where would I go for comfort and love?
  • I had no self control? What types of vices would I let consume me?
  • I had no love for self? Would I be able to love my children so?
  • I did not say, "Thank you" whenever I was blessed? Would I still receive those blessings?

I am so thankful of the "What ifs?" that swirl around in my head every day.

If it weren't for them, I would probably act before thinking. I wouldn't know that by working though my selfishness I would be graciously rewarded in the long run.

If it weren't for the "What ifs?" I would probably have been to afraid to take a leap of faith and believe in God. How?

Because I often think "What if?" there is a hell and I didn't take the time to know God?

"What if?" I lived selfishly without thinking of others, would I end up alone?

Where would I be? What type of person would I be?

I really don't want to know.

But ... what if?

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  1. Girl, I'm an if, could, shoulda, woulda thinking girl. I over think everything, and sometimes I need to chill and just let things be.

  2. Well said! Got me thinking today! (Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!) Always love meeting new bloggy friends. = )


  3. Awesome post, be blessed.

  4. I like how you used the "what ifs" to a new dimension of thinking.

    No doubt, folk like us are blessed, and it's a mystery why more can't get a handle on their spiritual riches and move forward. It's a question I need to ask God.


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