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Thankful Thursday: 4/40 Work Week

I have a lot to be thankful for on a daily basis, but this week I'm particularly thankful that my company has decided they want to "Go Green!"

  • They've released a fleet of alternative fuel trucks which will in turn cut down on the amount of environmental pollution and cut down on energy costs for the company.

  • They've finally gone paperless! OMG I remember when I joined the company, I submitted countless solutions on how we could cut the amount of paper we used, I thought my ideas were falling on deaf ears!

  • We've always recycled in the company, but they have now put more emphasis on recycling and I think the people who never recycled ever are now understanding the benefits of recycling.

  • Best of all, we are in the final stages of negotiationg a 4/40 work week. For those that are not familiar, that's a shift where you work 40 hours in 4 days and you get one extra day off during the work week!

I couldn't be more excited!! 52 extra days off to do whatever I want. It also means there would be a reduction in exhaust emissions from commuter cars. Less stress due to one less day sitting in rush hour traffic!

The benefits are enormous and I am just bouncing with anticipation. So far it's a 'go' with all the big wigs, we just have to make sure it will work for the rest of Management.

I swear, whoever doesn't agree will be on everyone's -ish list!

So as you can see, I'm very thankful to be working for a terrific company that is trying to "do good" by it's employees.


  1. I am SO feelin this post and your blog! Nice!

  2. Thanks Rosheeda! I stopped by your blogs and I will be adding them to my list of blogs to check up on. I'm loving the Beauty for Ashes template.

  3. Wow, what a company!! My husbands is sort of the same but they let people do overtime on the 5th day if they want. Thanks for sharing this week - love your blog design, very cool! Happy TT!

  4. I think that's really great that your company is doing this...especially the 40/4 and the no more paper! Save trees!

  5.! We are light years away from that in Nigeria - though I pretty much operate that way. How fantastic!
    Really feelin your blog.

  6. @alihsee: We have decided we'd much rather have the day off than overtime, but it is an option during holiday weeks where we'll go back to the 5 day-8 hour rule.

    @Lena: I feel they're slow on the uptake, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

    @Sharon: Write up a plan, do some research and present it to your company. You never know.. ;-)

  7. That is so cool that your company is going to a 4/40 week. I wouldn't mind doing that either. It might happen :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Blessings to you and yours...


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