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Thankful Thursday: 07/17/08

On Tuesday I got up at six and tried not to make any noise as I went about my morning routine. I left the house at seven, being careful not to shut the door too hard.

I got on GA400 South and rode down to Project Open Hand. I have been volunteering there for some time now. I find that I am experiencing great pleasure assisting the organization in the preparation of meals for the needy.

I've developed a friendly camaraderie with the guys and gals there. We listen to the radio and sing along to familiar tunes as we scoop out piles of peas and other veggies into trays, make sandwiches and drop in the little packets of condiments, we have a ball as we seal the containers and move the production line down to bagging the whole meal (along with a roll and a milk) and send the items off to the guys who are loading and unloading the meal trucks.

It's back breaking work. You stand all day, you lift heavy meal trays, you prepare hundreds of individual trays so someone or some family can have a decent meal.

As I ride home with sore feet and weary legs, I thank God that I have a regular job to go to. I have a steady income and a roof over my head. I thank God that my kids are not hungry and I have a decent vehicle to drive to and from work.

I am thankful for things that I normally take for granted and I'm glad that each time I ride out to Project Open Hand my ride back is very humbling.


  1. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    That was definitely a "Gratitude Journal" moment. Bless you for happily and freely giving of your time.

  2. Thanks Shelia. I used to volunteer frequently when I lived in MA, and I know I've been slacking since being in GA. I'm trying to get back on my A game. :-)

  3. You are such a blessing! God bless you for sharing your heart with us. Happy TT!

  4. Great Journal this morning. I believe we all need to experience some humbling moments in our life. It will remind us that we do have so much to be thankful for & that if you look hard enough you can find someone that has a harder situation than you do. It is a blessing that you give of yourself that way.

    God Bless

  5. Guess we are all guilty of taking some things for granted. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  6. Bless your dear heart for your volunteer work.

  7. It is amazing that we forget how blessed we are, then you do something, like your Project Open Hand, and remember, we have it good. You will be blessed for doing this work.
    Thanks for coming by today and offering some encouragement about my husband's job. You are right, the Lord will bring him to something better that he would not have know about it he was still working at the other job. Thanks for reminding me of this!

  8. How wonderful it is that we can be reminded of God's grace in what we have when we see others in a lesser predicament. It's so great that you give of yourself weekly. I know that I too enjoy giving back by volunteering for a DV shelter, manning their crisis hotline once a week. It makes me thankful and grateful for having a wonderful, supportive family and husband. While we're not perfect, we love God, and in doing so, it causes us to love on and give to each other as best we can.

    Keep doing what you do. I'm grateful to hear of your good works. I'm sure God is well pleased.

  9. Such a beautiful TT list. Thank you for visiting mine.

  10. They suggested we donate to the Food Bank for VBS [Vacation Bible School] in addition to the fee. Off I went to the store checking the list and grabbing the items. Shopping for a hungry family is a very humbling experience. I ponder on the situation years ago when my mom benefited from programs to assist us.

    Keep givin' and connecting! Giving in charity [love] is a big part of our purpose.

  11. Thank you... :-) I really want to do something for the youth. I was a mentor in Mass and I want to get back to working with young people, but my work schedule is crrraaaazy!


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