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Tattoos: When Is Enough Enough?

This post will have to go into my WTH category. This is not new news, but it's new to me (just like a used car ad).

I have heard that when people get tattoos, more are soon to follow. I have watched a couple of the tattoo shows where the body tattoo artists seem to be in deep competition, but I never knew it went to these lengths.

A Welsh man, who is a fan of body art, decided to have silicone breasts implanted into his shin to augment the breasts of his voluptuous woman tattoo.

Initially, I thought this was a hoax because seriously, what tattoo parlor performs surgery? I thought cutting a person open and inserting something into their body was surgery... I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Alas, it was not a hoax.

Lane Jensen's 45-minute procedure was viewed by the editor of a body art magazine. The operation (see, it is surgery!) was done by Pure Body Arts in Edmonton, Alberta. He suffered some bruising but was very happy with his new womanly curves. See below (click for larger photos).

If he was going to go this far, why not shave her legs? *sigh*


  1. I am rolling my eyes. This is just stupid.

  2. Um.


    Better yet...


  3. seriously...i thought i read that the implants busted?

    Hey Shae-Shae!!
    (((LOVE UUUUU)))

  4. I'm screaming right now...can anyone hear me?

  5. LOL @ Jacqueline. I can't hear you over my screams.

    @Bria: I didn't know. Love u too girl!!! U my homie!! (PS- Where's my ticket heffa??) LOL

  6. Shave her legs?! You crazy!

    By the way, I laugh whenever I read comments like it's IM (you and Bria). Funny!


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