Spotlight: Morris Day & The Time

Morris Day & The Time: I Don't Wanna Leave You
(Can u hear Prince on background vocals?)

Morris Day and The Time

Click here to hear what I'm listening to.

I'm over here jamming to a favorite tune of mine from Morris Day & The Time. It's called "I Don't Wanna Leave You," from the "What Time Is It?" album.

I remember hearing it years ago and falling in love with the hard piano lick and the synthesizer in the background.

The Time has been on the road bringing back some serious old school nostalgia, Miki Howard is coming back out, En Vogue is on the road making it happen... it's really encouraging.

Looks like they are in the process of working on a new website at


  1. Girl, since you had this on autoplay and I have all OSFers in my open tabs, I was wondering where this could be coming from. Morris Day, Prince and me go way back.

    Thanks for the soundtrack!

  2. I was gonna peek in and move along when you said the magic words: EN VOGUE!!! Oh, how I loved En Vogue! I hope this means that they will have a CD coming out. My absolute favorite was "Right Direction". Yes - I played it over and over and . . . Peace.

  3. Yes, En Vogue is always a favorite. They are on the road and I think going to be in NY soon.

    PS - No peeking and moving along. You must talk to me! LOL

    Thanks as always for stopping through.


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