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Spotlight: Eva Cassidy

If you stop by on a regular basis, you probably have caught an Old School Friday post or two. During these sessions several of us are getting our Old School jam on while many are being introduced to new artists and new music.

During my last OSF installment (Freedom Friday), I was definitely schooled by Jacqueline of People You Need To Know.

She put me on to Eva Cassidy, who I'd never heard of and I went scurrying off to check her out. Well I thank you Ms. Jacqueline because you have introduced me to a wonderful talent.

Please listen to Eva as she sings in her beautifully haunting voice as she covers Cindi Lauper's "Time After Time."

Eva Cassidy: Time After Time

Eva Cassidy: Songbird (Absolutely beautiful!)

In addition to being a vocalist, Eva Cassidy also had a love for art. She sketched and drew detailed drawings as a child and continued to draw throughout high school and college.

Here are just a couple of her art pieces. You can view the full gallery at her website (ran by her family).

Unfortunately, Ms. Eva Cassidy died from melanoma cancer in 1996. At the time of her death, she was virtually unknown.


  1. Thanks for the introduction! I enjoyed the “Songbird” video. Surprisingly, her success outside of Washington DC and in the UK was after her death. Thirty-three seems so very young, but she obviously fulfilled her purpose here. Now she’s singing with the angels. I need to listen to her rendition of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

  2. Please do! She has a very pleasant voice. I will have look into more of her music. I've heard four songs or so and I love her voice.

    PS - Thanks again to Jacqueline. :-)


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