Shanna to Kim: Stay the Hell Away From Me!

Shanna Moakler just issued the following statement in response to Kim K's "apology":

"I have for some time now avoided Kim Kardashian at all costs. I've avoided events, parties etc. in order to not see her.

"Quite some time ago I received emails from her mobile device of VERY inappropriate conduct between herself and my husband at the time, that were NOT at all "friendly" and very much "romantically" inclined. I spoke to Kim Kardashian, asking her to please stay away from my family as we are trying to heal after a very trying time, she agreed and but failed to do so.

"If I had known Ms. Kardashian was going to be at the BBQ in Malibu I wouldn't have gone. One day women will realize when you destroy families there will be angry and hurt ex-wives to deal with. I still have these emails and I won't release them as not to embarrass my ex and my family any further.

I find it sad that these types of events take center stage over the other positive things that I do in my work and life but I will not ever stop being brutally honest and staying true to myself. Not even for Hollywood."

Um... yeah. I had to post this in it's entirety. I agree with Shanna. I know a lot of women who thinks it's cute to go out with married men.

That's sick... and all parties (men & women) need a beat down.

Lesson to be learned: watch what dirt you do because it may come back to you. I have a feeling those photos may surface one day....


  1. Shanna always beefin' with someone over Travis...TRAVIS...I don't see it at all...TRAVIS!

  2. What about when the cheater becomes the unsuspecting and faithful spouse.

  3. Yeah, sometimes the tables are turned... is it karma? Hmmm...


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