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Rihanna & Jay-Z Rock 3rd Annual THISDAY Fest

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Last Friday, Rihanna performed with Jay-Z at the 3rd Annual THISDAY Fashion and Musical Festival in Abuja, Nigeria. This year, the festival organizers want to raise global awareness regarding Africa receiving investment opportunities, not aid.

Other performances included Ciara, Beyonce, Busta Rhymes

In other Rihanna news...

Rihanna says she'll never pose for Playboy
Rihanna has had her share of risque outfits on stage, but she claims you won't catch her posing for Playboy.
"I am only 20, so my mother would kill me if I posed nude!"

Good for her for thinking about her mother at all. Some celebs these days will sell their souls for a few fans. I guess the good girl hasn't gone totally bad.


  1. Maybe she met Chris Brown would kill her? Also, let's hope she's singing the same tune at let's say ummmm least til she's 25.

  2. LOL it's probably an old quote. Either that or the industry is steadily pushing her age back. ;-)


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