Prince To Sue Norwegian Record Company

Shockadelica: A 50th Anniversary Tribute to the Artist Known as Prince is a five-CD box set which encompasses various rock, hip-hop, pop, jazz and heavy metal artists covering Prince’s hits.

Prince and his lawyers – who are always on the grind – are suing C+C Records, the Norwegian label who put out the CD and are demanding the copies of the box set to be destroyed.

The CD boasts is an impressive 81 tracks (view here) including:

  • Sometimes In Snows In April (Knut Reiersrud Band)
  • Starfish And Coffee (Haddy N'Jie)
  • Thunder (Reflex)
  • Cinnamon Girl (Dylan Mondegreen)
  • Days Of Wild (Glam Slam)
  • Future Baby Mama (Isabel Odegard) and many more.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say not many true Prince fans will purchase this album (unless they are Norwegian) as the artists listed are not mainstream American bands. But then again, who knows?


  1. i am biiased
    price my folk

    how u living sister doncr see u no more

  2. I'm biased too. I think he should shut them down just like he shuts us down when we want to see him on YouTube. Clang clang!!

    PS - I'm sorry, I'll be by. There are so many of y'all to visit!! ((hugz))


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