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Post Baby Bikini Shots

Jennifer Lopez out and about after babies
Everyone has been criticizing the way Jennifer Lopez looks in these bikini shots of her out with hubby Mark Anthony. I've been trying to figure out what the big deal is - but I'm drawing a blank.

I mean, after giving birth to twins Max and Emme, I'm thinking she looks just about right. Am I wrong?

It looks like she's enjoying herself on a vacation of some sorts and these are candids that she wasn't expecting. I'm hoping she doesn't see these in the tabloids and go to any drastic means due to image pressures.

Now Halle (below), was also out and about showing off her post baby bod four months after having Nahla Ariela. The difference is, she didn't carry two of them at the same time now did she?

Besides, Halle looks like she's on a video shoot which would mean she was prepped before her shots were taken. BIG difference!

Halle Berry post baby bikini photos

IMO both ladies look great less than six months after giving birth. Kudos to both of them.


  1. They both look great whether they just had a kid/kids or not -- look at how many women have not had kids who don't have as good bodies as them. I hate media outlets who get on people for not doing unnatural things to their bodies to lose their baby weight.

  2. Dwayne10:50 AM

    True dat. They look better than a lot of teenagers who have never had kids neither.

  3. Nice to know they really r human like the rest of us!

  4. Looks like Halley won this one. She looks GREAT.

    Jennifer doesn't look bad either.

  5. I'm agree that they both look good. There's no 'Hollywood' standard where pregnancy is involved. It changes the body no matter who you are or what you do.

  6. I agree with you! I don't see the big deal. Give the lady some slack!!

  7. People are always over critical of others. I'd like to see the pics of the critics. I'm sure we, the public, will find more than enough material to pick at about them. But this is why they are critics. They hate from the sidelines.


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