OMG This Is A Cool Marketing Tool!

I was sitting here reading my emails when I opened one from a friend.

I thought it was a movie trailer for "Step Brothers Duel." It was much cooler.

Like many other marketing tools you can send this to your friend(s) so they can view, but what tripped me out was while they were talking THIS showed up and I was like WTF??

I was thrown completely off guard and had to do a double take. In the clip (which I originally included, but it only lets you view it once) they are talking about their best friend (who is a he) and then Will Ferrell pulls out a poster of my picture.

I was like woah... I wasn't expecting that at all.

So now I'm smiling and thinking this is pretty cute, when John C. Reilly pulls up his shirt to reveal a tattoo on his chest with my name on it.

Now I'm just cracking the hell up. This is too cute.

So I'm recovering after being caught off guard, when my phone rings. I answer it without looking because I'm staring at the screen and who is it?

These two crazy dudes are calling me. Am I impressed?

Hells yeah! LOL

This is a great PR move and fun for silly people like me.

Check out the web site to send your own message to a friend.


  1. This is some funny stuff! My husband would really get a kick out it.

    How did you know to print your screen?

  2. I don't know. I normally post with a picture unless it's a music video so I wanted a picture in addition to the video.

    As soon as I saw it I hit print screen. Then I realized the video wouldn't replay and I was glad I did.

  3. Thanks to you, my husband had some laughs with the guys at work Friday.

    I printed the screen as well.

    Look for the post soon!

  4. Will do. It's cute isn't it? Good for a chuckle or two anyway. ;-)


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