Old School Friday: Old School Hip Hop

Old School Hip Hop wouldn't be complete for me without a 2Pac track or two. "Brenda's Got a Baby" is song that introduced a lot of people to Tupac Shakur because of it's commercial message: a teenage mother is everyone's problem. When the record was released, he was not even of drinking age.

2Pac: Brenda's Got A Baby

The Lost Boyz included Freaky Tah, Mr. Cheeks, Pretty Lou, and Spigg Nice. The rap quartet's first single -- "Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless" -- earned them a contract with Uptown Records, which released their second single, "Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz." They released their debut album, "Legal Drug Money." Despite the negative title of the CD, they released a positive track - which is my favorite track on that album - called "Renee" ... a track about losing a love.

Lost Boyz: Renee


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  1. nice selection girl. Brenda's Got A Baby is an absolute classic, this is my favorite so far

    have a great weekend hun

  2. Brenda Got Baby I love that song. It is one of my writing songs. (songs I listen to get in my frame of mind for a story).
    I let my daughter hear it one day and she was hooked. Had to have it on her I pod.

    Lost Boyz Renee I hadn't heard until now. Where was I?

  3. Happy OSF. Have a great weekend.

  4. You really went deep with Renee. Genius. Brenda shows the true genius of Mr. Shakur.

  5. Brenda is hardcore real. Makes me sad to not have seen where Tupac could have aspired to.

    Have a great weekend.

    In light and love


  6. "just because you're in the ghetto don't mean you can't grow"

    WOW! Tupac's video and lyrics are deep.

  7. Yo sis you got it going on this week. Some really tight choices. I had to do my Tupac and Bigge thang as well. This song you did really shows that side of Tupac that no one really knows (a caring side)..

    onelove..have a great Friday

  8. We chose the same song, I have to change my song now. I love Tupac, and there's no way, that I can let a hip-hop OSF go by without playing PAC.

    Renee was the song, I remember thinking that song was deep when it came out.

  9. @ Mrs. Grapevine: That's how I felt. Had to put on some Pac.

    And Renee was/still is deep...


    Brenda's Got A Baby is my very favorite Pac joint...I can recite it word for word and it still almost breaks my heart to listen to it because it is so real...


    Happy OSF!!

  11. Two great picks! Tupac is classic and I love the lost boyz, legal drug money was a hot album!!

  12. You should have placed a disclaimer for this post!! I was jamming too hard!!

    Great picks!

  13. LOL@ Cassandra. You know I take my OSF posts very seriously. ;-)


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