Old School Friday: Motown

Happy OSF Everyone!

Today's theme is Motown and although I was a youngin' when most of the Motown artists were in full swing, I do remember my mom's playing out her Motown records like there was no tomorrow.

Motown was THE record company where black artists in the 60s wanted to be signed. The record company groomed many black music artists into successful stars who we recognize as industry pioneers today.

Although they spawned a whole era of Soul and R&B music, Motown also put a new face on Rock and Roll, and contributed to what we now call Pop music.

Motown introduced their artist to business etiquette. They made sure their artists were well-versed and could handle themselves in front of the media. Motown artists were well-groomed, and the company tried to keep them straight and narrow.

When I watch and listen to many artists these days, I long for the Motown days when artists were sharp.

When they cared about their sound as well as their appearance.

And when they could truly sing. If you were on Motown in the beginning, there was no 'studio' artists. You were the real deal.

The Commodores: Easy

Tammy Terrelle & Marvin Gaye: Ain't No Mountain High Enough


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  1. Do so love Marvin and Tammy doing this.

  2. It really saddens me that we don’t have popular music with voice talents who can actually "blow" outside of the studio!

    It's all watered down by a so-called "good beat." Tammy and Marvin, Donny and Roberta, they get my vote for being the smoothest duets in the history of music.

    It’s almost a miracle when you find that perfect blend today. ...Ain't no mountain high enough...Tammy and Marvin...STILL a perfect blend! :-)

  3. Tammi & Marvin were so good together. "Easy" is one of my all time favorite songs to listen to when I need to relax and destress.

    I am enjoying all the music today. Happy OSF!

  4. Do Motown! Go Detroit! I love that place!

  5. Awesome picks!! I love Marvin & Tammi together, their sound was unmatched! I have been in a total Marvin mood lately.
    And I totally agree, the artists today lack the talent, charisma, swagger, appeal, and did I say TALENT... that Motown artists had!

  6. Thanks for giving us the scoop! Yep, the Motown crews were genuine and didn't need hype or other trickery to sell their talent.

    "Easy" is one I remember singing as a teen. Great video footage also!

  7. i love BOTH of these songs! definitely great picks.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  8. Happy OSF! Anything with Marvin is a winner in my book...

    Thank you for visiting my effort to comply with the Motown theme. I invite your blog readers to check out Diana Ross if they have time or inclinaton.

    peace, Villager

  9. I'm still listening to Easy. LOL It reminds me of Saturday afternoons with my uncles playing the Commodores and trying to get cute for their dates that night.

  10. Easy is so...easy and carefree...one of the greatest songs...

    And you can never say enough about Marvin and Tammy...timeless right there!

    Awesome picks!

    Happy OSF!

  11. Love it, love it, love it... There isn't any group that I love more than Lionel Richie and the Commodores. This is great music, and probably one of the most sampled beats, nest to the Isley's...You get an A++

  12. I almost forgot about the second song I was so excited. I love anything with Marvin Gaye in it.

  13. Great Great Choices.

    I was surprised that one who has had my ear this week is on Motown.

    Traveling down the road of lives.

    You know the rest.


    Modern Musings

  14. The bit of background info on Motown is MUCH appreciated. I wanted to do the same thing but didn't have time.

    Very nice picks. If we ever do a "duets" OSF, that Marvin and Tammy should be at the top of the list. "Easy" just feels good any day of the week.


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