Old School Friday: Get Gone

Hello All,

I hope this past week finds you in good health and spirits. This week's OSF them is: Break Up Songs. I've found that if a relationship isn't working out and I'm ready to get out of it, I'm no longer worried about sparing someone's feelings. I know it's wrong but at that point I'm like, "Let's git'er done!!" LOL

My picks this week are two of my favorite break up songs to sing to. They've got good beats and I laugh when I sing them. I guess I am just like that when it comes to breaking up. ;-)

Ideal: Get Gone

Kelis: Caught Out There (I Hate You So Much Right Now)

**Bonus:** I had to add my girl JoJo. I know this song isn't old enough but it's a good break up song that is fun to sing.

JoJo: Get Out (Leave)


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  1. Great picks! That Kelis song was the anthem for a minute!
    My OSF is on auto-schedule and will be up later but I know you are going to like it!
    have a good weekend!

  2. Damn! They don't mince any words. Really great choices; these have to be right up there in the ultimate break up songs category.
    Have a great weekend. Damn! My feelings are hurt.- lol

  3. I forgot all about that Ideal song! That was my jam too. And great minds think alike because I picked Kelis also. Great picks! Have a great weekend!

  4. what a diverse list. you got yourself some winners there.

  5. Kelis is a woman scorned!

    Happy OSF and have a great weekend.

  6. Hey girl. For some reason I couldn't reach you thru IE and had to go to Firefox.

    Anyhoo--we must be kindred spirits (along with Kim). I don't get sad, just mad or move on--lol!

    That Kelis song was the bizness.

  7. Yes, you are IW are kindred spirits indeed! And I like it!

    I remember that Ideal song. One hit wonder indeed.

    That Kelis was the anthem for a minute.

    Nice picks :)

  8. Great Picks!

    I enjoyed listening to your choices for this week.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I didn't know how well JoJo "threw down" with this song 'til Diddy had his crew trying to sing it. :-)

  10. Yeah, I was waiting for the Kelis. This song should come with a warning.

    Don't play this song or any song off the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack because it puts evil thoughts in your head when you're breaking up with someone.

  11. Love the Kelis one myself!! Mine is up girlie!!

  12. LOL @ MrsGrapevine. That is so true.


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