Nothing Lasts Forever... For Some

Jasmine Guy, getting divorced
10 years (next month) and a nine-year-old child later, Jasmine Guy's marriage is over.

The former "A Different World" star who played a Southern belle named Whitley, is going through a tough divorce.

Although she requested sole custody, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Terrence Ducket, recently filed court documents asking for joint custody of daughter Imani.

Jasmine is asking for spousal support, jewelry, furniture, artwork, a slew of assets she'd like deemed as hers - which include her production company and the copyright to her 2005 book Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary.

Keep an eye out for her directorial debut of the production For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.


  1. Aww, poor Jasmine.

    Although I will admit, I had pretty much forgotten about her since "A Different World".

  2. I never forgot about her. I used to catch her on a cable series called "Dead Like Me". Although she was never really "my type", she still excited me, somehow. Maybe now I have a shot. OK, maybe not. Too bad that another one bites the dust. Peace.

  3. Dead Like Me was a good show. I was disappointed when they were canceled. I like that sarcastic dark humor. LOL

  4. So sad, I still enjoy watching reruns of Different A World, and her videos on You Tube.

  5. That's too bad. She was always a wonderful actress though lately she's been looking a bit "rough." You know she's hosting a show on public television on ballroom dancing competitions?

    Life sure is strange...


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