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The New Yorker Has Gone Too Far

I am pissed to the highest level of pistivity!

How dare The New Yorker put this mess on the cover??

First off: Please don't start with the freedom of speach crap because irresponsible, riot inciting journalism IMO, should not be protected.

The new cover of The New Yorker magazine shows a nasty caricature of Senator Barack Obama as a Muslim standing on the Oval Office with a US flag burning in the fireplace. His wife Michelle is depicted in military fatigues and has an automatic rifle slung over her shoulder. There is a painting of Osama bin Laden hanging on the wall. They are giving each other a pound (or what rural America believes is a 'fist bump' whatever the hell that means).

As you can imagine, the Obama team is not laughing.

And neither am I. You cannot convince me that this is "just satire" as The New Yorker would like you to swallow.

This is quite dangerous journalism. They want you to believe that this cover is called "The Politics of Fear." It's meant to show "the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama's campaign," according to a press release about the new magazine issue.

What it's really called is B.S. The New Yorker is definitely feeding off fear, don't get me wrong, but they are feeding into the fear. There are tons of people who do not follow politics - just because. They don't understand it, they aren't interested in it, and they are misinformed. Many get their news from gossip and innuendos just like this cover.

I couldn't even begin to tell you all the people who truly believe that Barack Obama is Muslim. Here's a little exercise I want you to follow... get out a pen and a blank pad and follow my lead:

Senator Barack Obama is not Muslim. He and his family are Christians. He is not associated with Osama bin Laden. We can all relax. now.

Senator Barack Obama is not Muslim. He and his family are Christians. He is not associated with Osama bin Laden. We can all relax. now.

Senator Barack Obama is not Muslim. He and his family are Christians. He is not associated with Osama bin Laden. We can all realax. now.

Senator Barack Obama is not Muslim. He and his family are Christians. He is not associated with Osama bin Laden. We can all relax. now.

Senator Barack Obama is not Muslim. He and his family are Christians. He is not associated with Osama bin Laden. We can all relax. now.

I'd like you to repeat that until you believe it. *sigh*

And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch. There is nothing wrong with Muslims. Stop believing the hype. All Muslims are NOT out to get American citizens. Are there a number of unbalanced people who happen to be Muslims that hate Americans? Of course, but there are also a number of unbalanced Americans who hate America too.

Let us look in the mirror before making these obnoxious, ill-conceived stereotypes and slapping them onto national periodicals.


Now... back to my regularly scheduled happy-go-lucky gossip blog. ;-)


  1. You know - i saw this too. And I'm still not sure how I really feel about this. I mean, right now, as it stands...I'm good with this. It wasnt' funny - so I glanced at it and kept it moving.

    I wonder how all the Obama fans across America will respond.

  2. As you can see, I'm not good with it. I feel it perpetuates myth that the Obama's are terrorists looking to take over America at a time of war. That's serious business IMO. There are too many people out there who already believe the hype as it is. It's an obvious reach to try and appeal to people who are on the fence to get them not to vote for Barack. IMO it's a cheap shot... but I respect yours and thanks for your input. :-)

  3. SHaE - SHaE, that keyboard of yours really took a beating, huh? But you're absolutely right, I was offended as well.

    This is not the time (or any other time, for that matter) to snicker at this type of image and move on, considering the situation we're in right now. Most people don't even look beyond their own backyard when it comes to information. them, it is the truth.

    It was in very poor taste, but once again, for the "folks in charge," money is always on the brain. At the heart of it all, they're saying sell, sell, sell, so they had to wallow in the pigpen to pull this one out. I can smell the stench.

  4. @Jacqueline: You know it did right? I was pounding the keys on this post and I was prepared for the "you're being sensitive" remarks, but luckily I didn't have any of those (yet). IMO its very damaging as well as dangerous putting out images like this because there are people who do not have much interaction with African Americans or Muslims and it just feeds the fear. I already know what it's like being Black in America, and the BS stereotypes that come along with that. But during this time, stuff like this feeds a brand new prejudice toward Muslims who are having to deal with terrorist stereotypes to boot.

  5. Don't you know it. My greatest disappointment in life has been the fact that we've never left infancy in terms of dealing with race and stereotypes. It's embarrassing, really.

    If we ever "grow up" it will be a beautiful thing. :-)

  6. I thought about blogging about this but decided i'm afraid that the more attention it is given the worse it could be. Not that i think you did wrong in talking about it of course. We all have our own ways of handling idiots and i'm usually one of the first to point em out.

    What pisses me off the most about this picture is the many many obvious attempts there are in a single picture to undermine and demonize a very good man. They couldn't just try and make him look bad, they had to try and relate him to Bin Laden???

    Guess i just missed the satirical part of the pic, all i see is hatred and an attempt to scare Americans into voting for McCain.

  7. @Nessa: Exactly... linking him to Bin Laden, exacerbating the belief that he's anti-American (burning flag), adding playing up to the fear that he and Michelle are in some secret pact to take over America... there's so much BS crammed into that once pic there's just no way that it can be called satire. I purposely did not link their site because people would just click it and give them hits. They can do that from somewhere other than my page.


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