Nelly And Diddy Partner Up

Hmmm...What do you think of when you see this pic??

Nelly and Diddy

Nevermind.. LOL.

Hahaha... Nah, seriously?

Hahaha! OK, OK for real... (and this is why I'm not a real reporter). LOL

Ahem...Let me try this again:

Nelly is the new face of Sean Jean underwear.


He will star in the Fall '08 advertising campaigns as the first spokes model for the brand's underwear and loungewear category.

Diddy already has the following heavy hitters modeling his clothing: Dwayne Wade, Nas, Snoop Dog, Lil' Wayne, Penelope Cruz, Cassie, and Lauren London.

The new Sean John underwear, sleepwear and lounge wear collection will include briefs, boxer-briefs, boxers, undershirts, pajamas and robes.

You can check out the collection at Macy's and other department stores.


  1. Doesn't that pics scream, "I love you too baby..." ;-)

  2. That's just too much.

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I can't stop staring at it. Something is wrong with that picture.


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