Naomi Campbell: Agency Troubles & Community Service

Naomi Campbell: Agency Troubles & Community Service
Naomi Campbell takes some of the best photos in the world, but I see she still needs a few anger management classes.

After recently settling a court case involving the abuse of a former employee, she is now having issues with her London based modeling agency.

Citing creative differences - Naomi expected the agency to book TV and film roles for her - she will still use IMG for international gigs.

On a much brighter note, Miss Naomi will has out her court-ordered community service at a charity called Food Chain, which delivers food packages catering to patients living with HIV and AIDS.

Good for her. Sounds sort of like what I do when I volunteer, (thank goodness I'm not court-ordered to do it though!)

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  1. Crazy Lu-Lu is as bad as she wants to be! It is amazing how incredibly fabulous she is in her modeling world and dingbat in the "real" world.

    Oh well, I guess something had to give on one side.


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