Michael Jackson Clothing Line

Michael Jackson has been trying his best to get back into the working world. He is currently tossing around the idea of creating a new clothing line.

Ed Hardy designer, Christian Audigier, is expected to assist his friend, MJ. They are just in the planning stages, but are hoping to launch a line by the fall.

A Los Angeles boutique called Kitson has already committed to carrying the line – without having seen any of the pieces. They are excited:

“Michael Jackson is an international pop icon who has had a huge following throughout his career.

I think people will think it’s hip to wear his line. Through all his ups and downs people still love him. He still has a huge fan base."

We'll see soon enough.

Franky, I think a Michael Jackson clothing line is about 20 years too late, but what do I know?


  1. Uh, yeah - 25 years too late, Jacko!

  2. LOL I agree. I'm not even sure what this line would look like, but I'm thinking I'll stay far, far away from it. Now when I was 12 - 15 and he could do no wrong, I probably would have been all over a Michael Jackson clothing line!

  3. Speechless...

    Anyway, it's very hard to comment on your blog. The word verification is so far over to the right that I have to hold down the spacebar just to see what letters to use. If I didn't like your blog so much...


  4. Well, I'll have to see what I can do about that. Thanks for the input Angelika.

  5. OK, I think I've solved the problem. Holla back & let me know if this is easier. Mmm-k?

  6. MUCH! It's all lined up where it should be now. :-)

    Thanks for fixing it!

  7. No, thank you for letting me know. I wasn't having that problem, but it may be my browser that allows me to see it differently. If it works better for the my readers that's what counts!


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