Madonna's Brother Tells All

Madonna's Lil Bro tells all
Christopher Ciccone, Madonna's brother, has written a tell-all book that should be hitting your bookshelves tomorrow.

He did an interview with ABC's Deborah Roberts on 'Good Morning America.'

But even before his interview, some of the gossip had started to leak. In addition to Madonna's famed kiss with Brit (Britney Spears), it seems the Vogue singer has also locked lips with Gwyneth Paltrow, John F. Kennedy Jr. and several other well known folks.

Some say Christoper, who is seeing a psycho-therapist, is getting back at his sister in a big way.

"If you're going to get back at someone, this is a big and powerful way to do it," said his shrink Courtney Parks.
I guess sibling rivalry has reach a whole new low. Part two of his interview will be aired tomorrow when his book comes out.

[Source: AP]

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