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Ludacris: 1st Hip-Hop Artist In AT&T Ads

Luda Snags AT&T Ads
Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges is the first rapper to snag an advertising campaign with AT&T - and a multi-million dollar one at that. He will be featured in online and television campaigns beginning in August.

"I had a lot a fun shooting this commercial. If you like the AT&T commercials you've seen then you'll love this one."

Luda's commercials are in sync with their other ads where that subject does not have AT&T wireless services and they miss an important call... you know how it goes.

Make sure to keep your ear to the street for his sixth CD, "Theater Of Mind" and keep your eyes open for his new role in "Max Payne" and "RocknRolla."


  1. Just came across your blog, love the design and artistic flair that you give your whole page!! Regarding the cd skip, damn I thought you were on to something. I have several that are in need of help... Thanks for the info

  2. Hi and thanks for stopping by. I just spoke to a friend of mine who says there is another product that is like a thin tape that you can place on the CD and press into place. Who knows? I think it's less trouble to just repurchase. *sigh

  3. Hi Shae! Feel free to join the genie meme at my blog okay? Have a great day! :)

  4. what an incredible opportunity for luda! this guy is definitely a man of many talents and he is owed much respect. but not only for his talents, but for the fact that he is an involved activist of sorts.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. Wonderful! I'm glad to see him have some media bounce back after that Pepsi fiasco.

    I'm really gaining respect for this brotha.

    Happy WW!

  6. Yea, I'm happy for Luda...I was hostile after the fiasco with Pepsi & O'Reilly...say something now PUNK!


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