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Link Love: 7/28/08

Once again I was cruising the Net and reading some of you all's blogs (Yes, I do know that is incorrect English but, so what).

I like to read other blogs because there is always room for entertainment, education, and enlightenment.

Please stop by and check out these posts. I found them interesting, and maybe you will also...

You learn something new everyday. Ever heard of fried biscuit sticks? Everyday Cooking

Awww shoot...Afro Samurai is back!: Free 2 Bee

Wow... Woman Commits Suicide Before Foreclosre (I don't think it will change a thing!): Big Cheekz presents ran-Dumb-ness

A moving post about honoring Love: Intimate Outings

Are handwritten letters making a comeback? Lexnucleus

Shopping in Bandung, looks like fun!: Mariuca


  1. LOL - I can't believe u ain't never heard of fried biscuits. I have to admit though, I didn't either until I saw Paula Deen making them. Then, that was it - it's been downhill for me ever since. I've glazed these w/honey and butter - but there are a MILLION ways to glaze them. You can use maple syrup, citrus, salt, garlic butter, I mean - even cover them in chocolate and peanuts - lol.

  2. Shae-Shae!! Thanks for the linky love! Come let's go to Bandung and shop till we drop! :):):)

  3. Hey Mariuca!

    I wish I could. It looks like tons of fun. Thanks for sharing with us and showing off all the wonderful pics. :-)


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