Keep Your Fears Over There Please!

Have you ever set your mind to do something and were excited about it, but everyone around you were doubting it or trying to talk you out of doing it?

What's up with that?

I remember when I told my family I was moving to GA. That was five years ago when I lived in Boston, MA.

Everyone let loose all at once:

"OMG, what could you possibly want to go to GA for?"

"Why would you move out there when all the family is up here?"

"You're going to drive! OMG do you know that could take days??"

Everything lead up to the phrase, "You'll be back."

OK, that did it!

I haven't been back to Boston in five years. When I left I felt like no one had a positive thing to say and seemed to have no faith in my husband and I at all. So we packed out sh*t and left with our two-year-old daughter and broke camp.

We set up shop in North Fulton County and started living the suburban family life. A year later, daughter number two made an appearance and my sister, my nieces and my mother-in-law came down for the occasion.

No one else has seen my youngest child.

So, I've decided it's time for a little trip up North to see the fam (mainly my grandmother), and to let them see my little woman (who is now three-years-old). I call up my sister and let her know:

"It's about time! How are you getting here?"

"By car."

"You're driving!? Do you know how much it will cost you in gas?!? Why aren't you flying my nieces up here..."


Here we go again...

Why can't they understand that I just may like going on road trips?

Am I wrong for having the urge to say FK-it for another 5 years and wanting to go somewhere else on a family vacation?



  1. Hello there!

    I have known SO MANY people who tell me that their family relatives have never left the state that they live in... it always shocks me... especially since I was traveling the world with my parents as a little munchkin... people tell me ALL the time that being in a new environment feels TERRIFYING and HORRIFYING to some black folks...

    {shaking my head}

  2. OMG I don't understand it. I have an aunt who has never gone more than one surrounding town away from hers. That means she's been to 4 different cities outside of hers. WTH??? I couldn't even imagine.

  3. Don't get me started...most of my folks live one-hour and 45 minutes away. They act as if they're going to Nigeria or some other foreign land when they come to Georgia.


  4. Stop it. Less than 2 hours? That's not even a day trip. That's just around the corner. ;-)

  5. Girl, I know how you feel. Sometimes I put in so much effort to connect and get nothing in return but just a reminder of why I stay away.

    I've come to accept that I was destined to be different and stick out like a beautiful flower (you know the saying...sore thumb). But I like beautiful flower better. I've heard those words before myself, you'll be back and it's been 10 years. I've seen them since and we are slowly re-connecting but it's not easy. Sometimes I just want to give up but then I remember that I'm not doing it for them. I'm doing it because that's the kind of person I am. That's why I'm different.

    Just do you and what's best for your family, lady :-)

  6. I love road trips. I don't understand what the big deal is. I love to travel and go new places. My family gives me hell for it too.
    In fact...why don't you swing by NYC and bring me back to the A with you...I'll give you a lifetime of free babysitting.

  7. @Lisa: I am feeling you on that. It's like they don't understand that I have to be me. I am up for the drive because I just want to be out of my area and on the road with all my CDs and the sunroof open just chillin'. They should appreciate that I'm coming, not how I get there.

    @Lena: You better stop playing 'cause I'll stop and have you on the swing shift so I can get some sleep in the back. LMAO

  8. Well see you forgot...I don't know how to drive LMAO! I am the worse cuz I will stay up with the person driving since I am a night person but I can't actually drive.

  9. Don’t get me started! I have yet to have my sister or best friend visit me.

    Sometimes nothing you decide is right because “they” would do it different and some folk don't know how to be happy for others let alone themselves.

    Do what your family wants and how you want to. They'll get it eventually!

  10. @Lena: what the hell? Well, actually I can't be mad at you. I didn't drive until I turned 28. It's that city life, being able to jump on a train or bus or catch a cab. You can't do that mess down here in GA. LOL OK, you can entertain the kids in the backseat then. ;-)

    @Believer: Don't feel bad. My best friend hasn't visited me either! >:(

    But she is claiming she's moving down here next year. We'll see..


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