Jay-Z Gone Hollywood

Jay-Z asks for watermelon shaped like Beyonce's breast
We've all heard of the bizarre things that celebrities tend to ask for when they 'go Hollywood' on us.

Van Halen is famous for demanding that their dressing contain a large bowl of M&M’s, sans the brown ones for every show.

Jennifer Lopez was blasted for requesting a trailer at least 40 feet long and everything must be pure white.... curtains, couches, candles, tablecloths, lilies, and roses, she means everything must be white.

Now much of this mess I assume is to promote conversation. If they are doing something bizarre, then people will talk about it which means publicity. But I have no idea why Jay-Z would start demanding weird things this late in his career such as a watermelon carved in the shape of Beyonce Knowles' breast during his stay in Africa.

Reports say he asked for the sculpture to be displayed in his £2,500-a-night hotel room while in Africa for the THISDAY Festival last week. A hotel guest said:

"One giant watermelon was split in two and ornately carved into a mould of Beyonce's breasts. Two cherries were used as nipples."

How ridiculous is that?

I'm hoping this is just a rumor or Jigga getting his kicks off the hotel staff because I'd hate to see him turn into an eccentric celebrity.


  1. how comes we can't those 'cherries'...lol. i didn't know jigga was this eccentric, but i guess he wants reminders of his lovely mrs.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. LOL Do you need a disclaimer Marcus? I'll put a * next to it and put this at the bottom of the post:

    "The featured photo is not the item in question. The subject in question had been eaten at the time of this post."



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