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I Love U This Much!!

Have you ever come across a post that made you gasp ((Ohh!))?

And then you cracked the hell up? Like seriously LOL!?

That's exactly what I did when I came across this picture over at SavvyFatty's site.

It's one of those things where I know I shouldn't laugh because it's just wrong on so many levels ... but knowing that just makes me laugh even harder. *sigh*

I think I need some time out because I'm still ROTF....

I love u this much


  1. Yes! This shit is HIGH-LAIR-REE-YUS!!!!!!
    Them **air quotes** arms make me want some breadsticks, mayne.
    Good lookin' on the shout out!!!

  2. OMG...that pic scared the mess outta me! bless his heart! it's funny, but it's not! lol

    SHAE...PLEASE tell me where u got the urban blogger widget!! NO ONE CAN SEEM TO TELL ME! ;(


    Bria - You can get it on the front page of UB. It's somewhere on the left side, just scroll down.

  4. 0000...don't believe you did that...but I hear you! LOL


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