Halle's Upset About Daughter's Pics on the Net

Halle is heated
Halle Berry is pissed to the highest level of pisstivity.

She's looking to press charges on the paparazzi photographer who took the photo of her and four-month old daughter Nahla.

Halle says her child is not for sale and she is not going to be following in the footsteps of other celebs who pose with their children in magazines or selling pics to the highest bidder.

I hear you Halle. Don't let them stalk your baby, but if they get any new pics you know I'm gonna post them here right?

Don't be mad ... I won't be the one to taking the photos.


  1. Here are my feelings on this.

    She has to face the fact she is a celebrity. Now, I know she doesn't want her child out there but, unless she plans on going Micheal Jackson and covering her with a blanket when she goes out the child will get photograghed.

    Angie and Brad sold there pictures. I think it was smart because, if the twins are photograghed then who ever took the picture would get the money. They made sure that they got the money and it will go to charity. I see nothing wrong with it cause, the other person who took the first picture would not give it to charity. I wouldn't.
    Halle could do that.
    But, if she plans on taking her little girl out the pictures will be in magazines.

  2. Anonymous1:35 AM

    If she wanted her child to stay out of the limelight she should move to Idaho. You don't HAVE to live in Hollywood.


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