Get Your $$ Right, Or Get Out

50 Cent cuts Olivia off the payroll
Looks to me like 50 Cent is closing up the candy shop.

For a few years now people have been eating off Curtis Jackson's plate. He has let his G-Unit crew crash at his Connecticut mansion for free, his son's mother was living in the Long Island mansion for free, and former G-Unit affiliate Olivia was living in a house that 50 bought - for free.

While some are throwing around insults and getting their feelings injured, 50 is taking no prisoners as he cleans up shop.

During a recent interview with Sister2Sister Magazine, 50 admits to purchasing a home for Olivia, but says he's about to serve up the eviction papers if she does not take care of the home's upkeep.

50 Cent: In Olivia’s case, I actually bought her a home [but] she’s not actually on the label anymore…. When Olivia saw that [I bought Prodigy from Mobb Deep a home], she wanted to move into her own place. She didn’t have that brand that allowed her just to pay [me] back, so I said ‘let me just buy the place [in my name].’

She maintained the upkeep, and a year from now - best-case scenario, she can buy the house. And worst case scenario, she would have paid for the upkeep for a year and I’ll be able to sell it with a little bit of equity involved in the apartment.

Sister 2 Sister: Is she not performing at all now?

50 Cent: Not that I know of.

See, this is what I'm talking about. Everybody has this beef with 50 Cent (perhaps rightfully so), but this dude is keeping a lot of people housed & fed.

I'm not a 50 Cent fan, but hey I just might become a little bit of a Curtis Jackson fan. Why? Because say what you will, but how many people are you going to employ, house and feed before you say enough is enough? Why should people expect you to take care of their grown a**es?Olivia

I respect the fact that he's tried to give people a leg up but if they get lazy it's time to get that foot off your neck and cut your losses.

If you think it's extreme, just ask Hammer if he wishes he'd chopped down the money tree when he had the chance.


  1. I have to argee with 50. It is time to start getting people in check.
    I don't care what people say about him. I do like him. And he has been generous to his crew.
    But, if people want to get lazy and act foul then pay or go.

  2. Girl I knew he had a lot of people on the payroll, but I had no idea he was being so generous. He gave Young Buck $200K to take care of his legal troubles, bought Olivia a mansion, let his son's mother stay in a mansion while paying her child support until she moved another man into his home. Who wouldn't start serving eviction notices?

    And that's just the things that are reported. Who knows what else his money is doing for others?

    Someone probably advised him to stop spending so much on other people and tighten up on his wallet.

  3. This is a classic case of someone gettin' it and people taking advantage of it. Why do we do that?

    Oh, by the way I just signed up for spott, I'm putting it up soon.

  4. Good. The more hits to your site the better.

    I don't know why people do that. Someone makes it and everybody thinks they can ride till the well runs dry.


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