Extreme Makeover: ATL Home in Foreclosure

Photo courtesy of ABC
Harper Family
ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (EMHE) is a wonderful weekly show that takes troubled families and rebuilds their lives via their homes.

I was excited when I heard they'd be in the Atlanta area in January of '05, making over a home in Clayton County.

EMHE reconstructed a home in a quiet subdivision located at 5489 Ahyoka Drive for Patricia and Milton Harper. Materials and labor were donated as a crew of 1,800 people worked on the house non-stop for six days. The family had been living in the home that suffered a disgustingly faulty septic system.

This was the larges house that EMHE had ever built. They demolished the old home and built a 5,500 square foot palace for the Milton family. It cost $450K to build. I'm talking extravagant fireplaces, music room, professional landscaping, I mean it had a solarium for goodness sake. It is just beautiful.

Check out the video. (I love how they say the Harper's need a smaller home).

On top of all that, the Milton family was given over $200K in contributions for scholarships for the kids, and a home maintenance fund that would help pay all the taxes on the home. You couldn't have asked for more.

But they did.

Patricia and Milton Harper tried their hand at owning their own business. They put the $450K home up as collateral and took out a loan. They wanted to start a construction business. It failed. They can't pay up. The house is on the foreclosure list.

I don't know what happened to all the tax money they were given for the home, but it seems to me they had to have spent over a half million dollars in just three short years.

The family is refusing interview requests, and their home will be auctioned off on August 5th.

A representative of ABC offered an e-mail statement:

"'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' advises each family to consult a financial planner after they receive their new home. Ultimately, financial matters are personal, and we work to respect the privacy of the families."

I'm thinking they should have etched that into the walls. *sigh*


  1. Wow.. I'm glad you stumbled across my site too!

    Your site is amazing! I love it!

    We gotta hook up and connect!

    TTY soon!

    Intimate Outings of Love

  2. Awww *blushing* ... thanks. :-D

    I'm adding you to the blog roll.

  3. Wow! Well, hopefully they'll find someone who'd like to live as a prince or princess in Georgia and get it sold fast.

    I know that owning a business is risky business, and this economy sure doesn't help.

  4. ~*Toni*~11:38 PM

    I wonder what would make them use 600 thousand plus and not hire an adviser? It was just stupid.

  5. Well, this same kind of thing happens to lottery winners, smh. Hey Shai-Shai thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. MizRep I saw a special once on a bunch of lottery winners who lost their fortunes because they had no idea what to do with that much money. One guy imported tiles for his home from Italy, he purchased a solid gold toilet and had a lot of trinkets sent from all over the world to his home. He ended up with no money and one gaudy ass house.

  7. Wow, Shae! I just read this on another blog and it is crazy! Some black folk just can't keep from shooting their selves in the foot. That was totally asinine! You have a house, beautiful house custom made for you, you are handed the money to pay the taxes on it, and handed money for your kids scholarships but you are to darn LAZY to get a job and take care of your other bills. There are so many other families that would have appreciated that house (Like Me & Mine!!), it's just sickening!

  8. And mine...I would have appreciated the hell outta that house! LOL I may not have thought to get a financial adviser either, but I know I wouldn't have borrowed against it either.

  9. The video boasts that the home is 6500 square feet. Um, that’s crazy right there!

    When you have money issues, getting more money isn't the fix. Sad.

    People who have assets and their own successful business did it by sacrifice and lots of hard work. There were no free handouts.

  10. What's sad is the house was built for them.. for FREE! by ABC. Then they were handed out the money for the upkeep. They just squandered the money and I'd be ticked off too if I worked on that house just for them to throw all my hard work and the gifts they were given down the drain. *sigh*


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