Eva Longoria Candids

Candid shots of Eva Longoria hanging out on a yacht with her hubby in the Mediterranean.

There has been some speculation that Eva may be pregnant, but I'm thinking the public is just getting a clear view of a celebrity au natural, without the familiar air brushing.

But just in case she is pregnant: Congrats to the couple...

Eva Longoria candids

But I don't think she is...


  1. even if she is - that's a good thing. I like her - one of the best on desperate housewives.

  2. That is a good thing if she is. But I think it's just a rumor.

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM

    They are now saying she is gaining weight for her role on desperate housewives--she will wear buttpads and tummy pads if necessary---I get the feeling they are rewriting her part because owns a restaurant, has discovered she like to eat, and is through worrying about staying skinny.

  4. Then she'll probably obsess about losing weight later.

  5. I cringe when I see her...Quan was obsessed with her and there were magazines of her all over my apartment including my bathroom. One time when I found her picture behind my bed after he stashed it under his pillow or something, I said this was enough and threw the mags out!

  6. I don't know if she is or isn't. I really can't tell.


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