Doll Love'n: Grown Men With Dating Issues

OK, you all know that while blog hopping you can be schooled on various topics, read interesting stories about bloggers and their personal lives and find tons of great pics right?

Well what happens when you run across a story that makes you go "WTF?"

And when someone like Tanyetta tells you that 'WTF' isn't good enough, what else can you do but blog about it and ask your readers for help?

I found this post on her site, which she found on Undercover Black Man's site... and I am hoping to God that he happened to come across this video while researching.. and not because he was shopping. (tee hee hee)

Someone please tell me, is this really going on in the world?

Is it truly necessary? All I can say is wow...


  1. I saw this over at Tanyetta's and couldn't get past the first guy rubbing the doll's toes.

    My spirit was grieving.

    I was able to watch all of it this time around. Sad.

  2. Whoa...stop the presses! What in the world...has sadness and loneliness brought men and maybe women to this point in their lives?

    It's kind of creepy because what if they DO meet a LIVE person whom they fall in love with...will they then turn THEM into a DOLL? Scary stuff!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's scary how the internet and videos have uncovered a lot of secrets. I don't think I ever would have known about this mess if it weren't for the internet and youtube. I guess some people really don't have any social skills. But like Jacqueline said, if they meet a potential partner, how would they treat them. It's like something out of a serial killer journal... "he whispered softly to his lover who was embalmed in formaldehyde... "Ewww!


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