Coolest Black Men of All Time

Ebony putting out their August issue that encompasses the '25 Coolest Brothers Of All Time.'

You have just a few more days to get your vote on, then you can compare your choices with their final picks.

Here are just a few of my picks:

Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Prince, Tupac and Iceburg Slim to name a few.

In some of these guys I love their strength, the ability hone in on a vision and fight to achieve it. I also love the creativity of the guys on my list, whether is it in writing a song, playing a guitar like no other, or whether it's the stroke of a pen that tells a thousand tales.

I have a great love for black men because they are my counterparts, my other halves, they are what completes me.

So when you think of the coolest black men, who do you think of?


  1. I would definitely vote for Pac...and Prince...and Barack...hell, I'll just second your list!

  2. I would vote for Curtis Mayfield and Malcolm X.


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