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The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show slated for 2009
"The Family Guy" is on and I'm over here cracking up. I must admit I'm a bit of an addict.

My favorite episode is when Brian owes Stewie some money and he is pulling some real gangsta moves to get it back. You have to watch the episode.

I just found out that the character Cleveland, played by Mike Henry, is going to have a spin-off called "The Cleveland Show."

The Fox network is trying bring back the African-American viewer ship by bringing in an ethnically diverse show. The cast includes my girl Sanaa Lathan, Kevin Michael Richardson and Nia Long (in addition to Henry).

I'm hoping the network will be using the same writers because "The Family Guy" has long since replaced "The Simpsons" as my guilty pleasure favorite foul-mouth animated show... but it still can't touch "The Boondocks."

Keep your eyes open for "The Cleveland Show" which will be airing sometime next year.

[Source: Associated Press]


  1. family guy is trip! one of my favorite episodes was when brian was dating that black school teacher. lol! i am not even sure why the simpsons still comes on; i stopped watching that cartoon in the early-90's right around the time 'in living color' starting getting wack! i think i'd tune into 'the cleveland show'; they should do a quagmire show too-that's my dude!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  2. If they gave Quagmire a show it would have to come on at 11 pm. LOL

  3. Interesting because Hyas and I were just talking about this literally 5 minutes ago. I was never able to get into Family Guy and she loves it. I think it's because I am the type of person that always likes the original better or the "older version" therefore yes I still watch Simpsons and always will. She mentioned Cleveland was getting his own show and I was just like "agh", lol. When I first read Kevin Michael Richardson I thought it was the dude from Seinfeld but then corrected myself. Now that would've been interesting.

  4. That probably wouldn't have went over well if it were Michael Richardson. LOL But then again you never know.


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