Celeb Shots

Vanessa Williams, Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton, Vivica Fox, Kanye West, Jodi Marsh, Kim Kardashian, The Smith Family, Victoria Beckham, Terrance Howard and Usher IV and V.

Photo of Usher & baby courtesy of Essence.com


  1. Usher V is adorable, and congrats to Vanessa on her nomination, and good to see my favorite family the Smiith's!

  2. Look at his eyes I want to kiss his fat cheeks!

  3. lewis hamilton is a star especially since he just won his fourth race of the season yesterday! i am pullin' for that young brota to get the championship this year.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  4. Usher's baby is adorable and the picture is adorable, daddy not so much for me. The Smith family is and always will be cute, if they ever divorced I would be devastated. Vivica is a hot mess. Kanye haha I see advertisements on the subway for that "Be like kanye" campaign with absolu vodka. I took a pic with my camera phone for proof because people in GA did not believe me, lol.


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