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CBS Cleared of Superbowl Fine

There seems to be a new trend with celebrity court cases. If you wait, and wait, and wait, people just might forget about what you've done, and you will probably not have to suffer any consequences.

Most recently, and highly publicized was the R. Kelly verdict.

Now, four years later, and I'm sure to their relief, CBS will not be fined over the cheap stunt Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake pulled when they (allegedly) staged a t*tty wardrobe malfunction during the '04 Superbowl.

A Philadelphia appeals court decided to overturn the decision to fine CBS $550,000.

The reason for the overturned verdict? A judge claims Janet and Justin (Timberlake) were 'independent contractors' which kept CBS from being liable for for their actions.

Good for CBS. I'm sure we'll see lots of T&A during next year's halftime performance.


  1. I gotta say that I wish it had NOT been a staged mishap, but, instead, the real thing, because, perhaps we would have SEEN "the real thing" and not some fancy underwear.

    I said the same thing to myself re the R Kelly case and others. It seems that whenever the cases take a while to come to court, they always end up getting off scott free. Didn't doubt for one minute that this one would go the route of one "R jailbait Kelly". Peace.


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