Bobby Brown In Jet Magazine

Bobby Brown on New Edition

Bobby Brown is in this week’s issue of Jet Magazine claiming New Edition did the ‘best thing’ by kicking him out of the group.

Boggy was voted out of the group at the end of 1985, but he did bounce back initially.

He found much success with his solo efforts and became a multi-platinum selling artist with “Don’t Be Cruel” followed by 1992's “Bobby.”

Unfortunately, his behavioral problems continued to plague his career as well as his marriage with R&B singer Whitney Houston.

Is he getting himself back on track?

You’ll have to read this week’s issue of Jet Magazine to find out.


  1. He did do his thing for a minute.
    Now if he could just say no to whatever he is/was on.

    I don't see a big comeback but, who knows what else could happen. Helping out an upcoming artist?

  2. You never know. There is always a hardcore fan of someone somewhere. If Michael Jackson pulls it off all types of people will come out of the woodwork.

  3. Bobby is a talented singer, but I think he would make a better actor.He has been acting his "whole" life like he is ALL that an a bag of hot sauce.

    I'm just

  4. ~*Toni*~10:11 AM

    I agree. His time has past for singing.


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