50's Got His Eye On 'Claire Huxtable'

50's Got His Eye On 'Claire Huxtable'
Raper 50 Cent says he has a crush on actress Phylicia Rashad. Matter of fact, he recently mentioned that he thinks the 60-year-old that we all know and love as Mrs. Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show, is still very attractive.

"She was gorgeous. Jesus, I met her recently - she's still very attractive."

So 50 does have the potential to have good taste in women? For a minute there I thought he was just attracted to loud mouthed gold digging hoochies.

Good to know the man has some standards...


  1. She's gorgeous! I hope I age that well! :-)

  2. Second time here.
    I don't know if it is me or blogger.

    Anyhoo, she is beautiful.
    I don't know why I didn't know she was that old.

  3. @Angelika: Me and you both.

    @Sharon.. See, remember what I told you about still being fly at 60? ;-)

  4. She is without question absolutely stunning and sophisticated as well. I love her.

    Now, you know that she used to be married to that Village People cop, so 50 might have a shot LOL!

  5. I like what you did with that Slide presentation for those "Ebony Coolest Brothers of All Time" Covers.


  6. I love the jesus he threw in there.

    I also adore that woman and she is gorgeous.

  7. So, this is quite funny. I wonder though if she goes for the younger type - lol.

  8. I just love your new layout sis. Like Sheila I just love your Coolest brothers slide.Yeah, it seems 50 has "some" sort of class. I like you thought all he dealt with were crazy ass chicks.

  9. @Shelia: WTH?? Where was I? She married one of the Village People? *blahh!*

    Re: The Ebony covers - Thanks! I wanted to showcase that somehow. I think it's wonderful that Ebony came up with these covers. All of them deserve to be recognized.

    @Lena: I thought that was a nice touch too. LOL Shows that he seemed surprised that she looked that good.

    @Darius: I don't know... there seems to be something about 50 that women like. I don't know if that charm would reach Phylicia status but who knows?

    @Irigal: You know I did right? Look at his son's mother running around claiming he tried to kill his own son. And remember, he had to get a restraining order out on Vivica Fox. LOL I thought he liked them roughneck chicks. ;-)

  10. every man loves them some claire huxtable. she definitely has the art of femininity down to a tee.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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