Weeee Are The Chaaaampions!

Wordless Wednesday: OK, not so much. Sorry but I'm breaking all the rules, this post deserves words ... and lots of them!

They won it! They dominated Game 6 at home, in the Garden, hot damn they did it!

Kobe tried his best to pull fouls out of the team. You could see it in his face that he wanted to have a big night, but the Celtics pulled together and just SHAMED the Lakers. Oh, the humility.

They had a complete blowout. One of the biggest upsets in NBA Finals history. Record steals, it was a darned good game.

The Lakers tried everything to keep up - even some ridiculous fouling in the fourth quarter. It didn't help and it showed bad sportsmanship.

The Celtics on the other hand were awesome. Ray Allen hit a boatload of 3-pointers.
Kevin Garnett played like a champ and Paul Pierce played like an MVP.

And did you see that hanging shot in the second quarter from Kevin? I mean did you see it? Hanging in the air, off the glass an swoosh! BOOOYAH Baby! It was amazing!

The Celtics received a standing ovation from their fans. Final score was Celtics 131, Lakers 92


And would you believe I'm not even a big fan? No, seriously.


Celtic Pride:

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