Star Witness in R. Kelly Trial Speaks

Lisa Van Allen
Lisa Van Allen is not feeling the verdict of the R. Kelly trial and wanted to tell her story. She's the star witness who admitted she'd had sexual threesomes with Kelly and the underage girl in the infamous video.

"I met him in Alpharetta, Georgia, at the “Home Alone” video shoot, probably in ’98. I was 17, and he was 31.

I was fresh out of high school. My friend’s girlfriend was going to the video shoot, and he didn’t want her to go by herself. I just tagged along with her and ended up being an extra in it.

This guy told me his cousin wanted to talk to me. I asked him who his cousin was, and he said, “R. Kelly.” I said, “Okay,” and he arranged for me to be taken back to his trailer.

In between the scenes, he came back to the trailer and talked to me. I was very flattered. Out of all the girls at the video shoot, he picked me out of everybody to talk to. We ended up having intercourse.

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