Six Flags Here I Come!

You know what I realized today? I haven't been to Six Flags in years.

If you knew me, you'd be like, "Whaaa?"

My friends & I used to go to amusement parks all the time, from Canobie Lake and Water World (now defunct) to local fairs and of course Riverside Park (now Six Flags New England).

A coworker gave me some VIP tickets today and I think I'm going to have to take my behind to Six Flags Over Georgia since I haven't so much as driven past it yet since I've lived here.

I used to love to get on the rides and leave all my inhibitions at the check in line. The food was so bad for you but it was oh so good... pizza slices, cotton candy, candy apples and fried dough. OMG you'd never eat that mess any other time but at an amusement park or local fair.

I remember going to fairs that would showcase auto races, pig races and atv mud races. And then there were the fireworks. I swear they'd be so loud and fabulous the only way for you to see a more spectacular firework show was if you were in New York on the George Washington Bridge on the Fourth of July.

But the best part of all ... was going to the concerts.

Sitting outside feeling a summer breeze and watching your favorite band or act perform amidst the cheers & screams of people on amusement rides is a blast!

As a matter of fact, the concerts at Six Flags over Georgia are about to pop off this week. Some of the acts booked are Mario Barrett, Flo Rida, Day-26, Danity Kane, and Natasha Bedingfield... and guess who will be there?

That's right. Yours truly. ;-)


  1. Aww man, I haven't been to six flags since I moved to GA (six years ago)...the six flags here is waaaaaay bigger than the one in Denver! It was fun though, let me know if that superman ride is still there!

    Have Fun!!!

  2. If it is I'll be happy to take a pic of it 'cause I sure won't be on it. LMAO

  3. The concerts at Six Flags Over Georgia are some of the best! I guess because ATL is over the music charts lately. *sighs* I am going to miss those summer events. But yes you should def. go...GO!

  4. And you know I will. Don't make me organize an ATL Blogger 6 Flags event... Hmmm... ;-)

  5. This is what the summer is all about! Take in the fun, people, fattening foods, and fresh air. Enjoy!

    I wrote a post today to include summer passes and memberships. Awesome!


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