R. Kelly Passes The Urine Test

After less than a day of deliberations, you boy R. Kelly is free to go. A jury has decided Mr. Robert Kelly is NOT GUILTY of child pornography - on all 14 counts.

I guess all of his fans got their prayers answered.



  1. I really didn't have many thoughts on this trial. I guess it's kind of hard to convict a guy who says it's not him on the video and the girl who is supposedly being victimized is saying that it's not her.

    At the same time, it's all so yucky, I'm just glad it's off of the front pages.

    And if it was him, we don't have to worry. Karma is bi**ch!

  2. ~*Toni*~12:30 AM


  3. Surprising. But as Shelia said, hard to convict somebody when both parties deny it's them. AND I don't think it was a fair trail starting with that jury of 9 men and 3 women...


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