Quickies 06/25/08: Ludacris' Restaurant Venture, Jill Scott's Engaged, and 50 Cent Ordered to Surrender Weapons | HeyShae!

Travel + Leisure put out an article called, "50 Reasons To Love The U.S.A. Now" in the magazine's July issue and on their web site at www.travelandleisure.com.

One of the places on their list was Georgia's new hot spot, Straits. Straits is Ludacris' new restaurant boasting Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Nonya cooking featuring Chef Chris Yeo.


Jill Scott is engaged. During a recent performance at Carnegie hall, she she announced that she was engaged to her band drummer, Jon Roberts.

Upon hearing about the engagement, her fans rewarded her with wild cheers and an applause so loud, she gave them an encore performance.


Chris Brown & Rihanna's relationship is not so subtle although they do like to play coy.

According to Rihanna:

We hang out a lot. We are very close. He’s an amazing person. But we are not dating. We are very close, very, very close.

But all that cat and mouse playing was shattered when Chris Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, busted them out by letting it slip that, Rihanna is, "the sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated."

Oops. Looks like Chris forgot to tell his mother about the gag order.


After a judge ordered 50 Cent to surrender any guns that he may have, 50's lawyer is attempting to contest the order claiming that 50 neither owns nor has access to any guns.

(Is it wrong that I'm cracking up & thinking, "Yeah right!?" I guess that's a bit stereotypical isn't it? OK, I'll stop).

His son's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, issued a restraining order on 50 which also means he cannot see his 10-year-old son Marquise without the court's permission.

The ex-couple are still in a vicious legal battle over property and money in which Tompkins claims, due to an oral agreement, she is entitled to half of 50 Cent's estate.

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