Question the Truth of My Actions [Revisited]

My 1st anniversary of the start of this blog just went by and I wanted to revisit my first post. I had no clue what my blog would evolve into, but I wanted to share my very first post with you guys (again).


picture of waves of fabric

I saw this online & wanted to share...

Question the Truth of My Actions

I have an array of emotions and feelings
in which I choose to honor.

I respect and accept my difference of
character among the status quo.

To ask why does not unnerve my spirit
for I will gladly give my expression of
truths by sound, which form words.

My unsettling nature comes when you
continue to demean my spirit after I
have stood in the center of my truth
and called forth your ear of compassion.

Help me help you...
The beginning of understanding is to not
understand. It opens a new door to receive
information. Take my hand and we will
experience it together.

- by Priscilla

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  1. Happy Anniversary Shae-Shae!

    That was a good way to set people up for what was to come. Very timely.


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