Old School Friday: Not Another Sad Love Song!!

Hey All!

This week’s OSF theme is: Not Another Sad Love Song!!
So here are my choices:

The Pretenders: “Think Line Between Love & Hate”

Lisa Lisa & The Cult’ Jam: “All Cried Out”


Allure featuring 112 perform Lisa Lisa & The Cult’ Jam’s Classic: “All Cried Out”


Christina Aguilera performs Toni Braxton’s “Another Sad Love Song” … as a tween.

You gotta give it to X-Tina, she’s had her pipes from birth. LOL


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  1. Nice choices as usual. I'll be singing It's a Thin Line Between Love & Hate all day.

    I guess I miss it this time. My choices are "not" sad love songs. So maybe I'll add one.

  2. I am smiling at those 1980s outfits from the second video with Lisa Lisa.

    Toni Braxton almost made it along with the Bee Gee's this week at my place, but I opted for classic 60s
    sad love songs.

    Christina Aguilera was certainly born with a gift. Her voice and style were so mature and on point!

  3. I love Christina's voice. I think she has proven her talent over & over again.

  4. There is no mistaking Christina's powerful vocals...that girl can sang!

    I think "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate" is the song of the day...it is permanently etched in my head!

  5. I LOVE Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Thanks for posting "All Cried Out". Ah, memories.

    Christina is a total powerhouse. I don't always dig her music, but that voice is undeniable.

    Thin Line Between Love & hate is one for the ages! Great choices

  6. I really love the Allure/112 version of 'All Cried Out'. The collaboration was incredibly powerful. Now...what happened to these two talented groups? Hmmm....

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  7. Great picks! I did thin also but by a different artist! Lisa Lisa is hot today, I'm glad to see her song by another artist!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I learned something new...Allure weren't the original recording artist of that song!

  9. yes girl, fantastic selcetions, i love that first track

    i loved all cried out, the remix and original

    and Christina tore that song apart, gr8 gr8 job

    todays theme is the best

    have a nice weekend

  10. That's too funny, I thought about Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, too. Thin Line is a dangerous song. Don't play it when you're mad.

  11. Happy OSF! First time I've seen this Lisa Lisa video...and I wonder if Bow-legged Lou still goes by that nickname?

    Also, thanks for coming by to visit my OSF tribute to Sade!

    peace, Villager


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